Facilities Locations

Facilities Locations

PACT facilities comprise: (1) PACT Core Facilities Beighton, Sheffield jointly established and operated by the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield, as well as two complementary PACT Satellite Facilities established and operated by Cranfield University and the University of Edinburgh respectively at their locations. The Facilities are supported by leading academic expertise throughout the six partner Universities and are additionally complemented by research and pilot-scale facilities located at the partner sites. The equipment and expertise pooled together form the overall capability of PACT to support industrial and academic RD&D activities and consultancy.

PACT Office

Administrative & Business Centre of PACT Facilities -
Research Visitors Office -
Simulation Software Facilities -
Consultancy -
CPD & Training -
Business Engagement -

PACT Edinburgh Facilities

- Advanced Capture Technology Transportable
Remotely-Operated Mini-lab (ACTTROM)

PACT Core Facilities

- 1t/day Amine Carbon Capture Plant
- Synthetic/modulated flue/process Gas Mixing Facility 
- 250kW Air/Oxy Comustion Coal/Biomass Plant
- 300kW Gas Turbines (CHP Generators)
- Analytical and laboratory facilities...

PACT Cranfield Facilities

- 50kWth Pilot scale Chemical Looping facility
- 750kWth Gas burner rig with deposition probes
- 150kWth PF air/oxy combustion rig
- 300kWth CFB Combustor/Gasifier
- CO2 transport flow rig...

PACT Nottingham Facilities

Analytical Facilities for CCS and unconventional gas -
Solvent analysis -
Thermal analysis -
Spectrometry and spectroscopy -
Modular 800C, 100bar flow reactor -
Milling equipment with powders analysis -