Management Structure

Management and Reporting Structure

Executive Management and Reporting

PACT is managed by an Executive Board (EB) composed of representatives of the Consortium partners and a representative from DECC and the UKCCSRC Facilities and Finance Manager, who monitor the progress of the project on behalf of DECC and UKCCSRC respectively. PACT Director: Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian acting on the executive authority of the EB, heads PACT and oversees the executive management of its day to day operation, including:

  • reporting to the UKCCSRC and DECC,
  • implementing strategic and operational decisions of the EB, and
  • monitoring overall project progress against the development plan and scientific, technical and business objectives.

The Director is supported by PACT Business Development Manager (BDM) Dr Kris Milkowski who also oversees business development activities and administrative management of PACT. The BDM also provides a central point of contact for external, non-academic users and coordinates facilities access schedule and the equipment pool database.

Facility management

Individual PACT facilities are managed by the respective partners. The PACT Core Facilities are jointly owned and operated by the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield and are jointly managed by Professors Chris Wilson (the University of Sheffield) and Mohamed Pourkashanian (the University of Leeds) on behalf of the Universities. The PACT Satellite facilities at Cranfield and Edinburgh are owned and operated by the respective Universities and managed by Professor John Oakey and Professor Jon Gibbins on behalf of each university respectively.

Overall capability

The Core and Satellite facilities work alongside complementary facilities at partner universities to form the Equipment pool. 

In addition to the equipment pool partner universities provide relevant expertise to form the overall Expertise pool within PACT.

The equipment and expertise pool together form the overall capability of PACT to support industrial and academic RD&D activities and consultancy.

Business Advisory Group

A Business Advisory Group (BAG) comprises invited representatives from key industrial and other stakeholders to advise on general strategy of the facilities and its development direction to ensure alignment with business needs and government strategy.