Gas Mixing Facility


The Gas Mixing Facility (GMF) enables mixing of individual gas components to create synthetic flue/process gas mixtures. The GMF comprises three accurate gas metering and mixing lines fed directly from large O2, CO2 and N2 storage tanks, complemented by trace gas injection ports (fed by NOx and SOx cylinders and optionally other trace gases) to simulate different flue/process gas composition. The GMF is connected directly to the Solvent-based Carbon Capture Plant (SCCP) . The GMF has a dedicated PLC  which can be operated from the SCCP or the central control room.

The integration of the GMF and the SCCP together create a powerful combination enabling research on carbon capture from a variety power generation or industrial installations. The GMF has the potential to simulate emissions from any power plant operating under any given conditions and with any fuels. The GMF can also simulate emissions from industrial activities such steel or cement production, enabling the development of appropriate capture technologies for these sectors.
The integrated system also allows long runs (with synthetic gas mixtures) which would otherwise be impractical with the Air Combustion Plant . This is important, for example, in examining the performance and ageing of new capture media, where such tests could be prohibitively expensive on larger-scale installations.

Example Applications

  • Long-term and accelerated solvent degradation studies
  • Development/evaluations of capture solvents for specific power or industrial installations
  • Evaluation of the impact of plant operational flexibility including start-up and turn down on the performance of Carbon Capture Plant
  • Evaluation of the impact of fuel change (co-firing/ biomass) on the performance of carbon capture system

Operating principles

N2, O2 and CO2 from large storage tanks are fed directly into individual lines on the GMF where they are accurately measured and mixed to create desired synthetic mixtures. Optional trace gas (principally NOx and SOx, but optionally also other trace gases fed from cylinder banks via a dedicated metering system) can be injected directly into the mixed gas lines. The mixed gases are then fed to the Solvent-based Carbon Capture Plant.

Analytical capability

Inlet gas compositions and the trace gas metering system are analysed by dedicated gas analysers on the Solvent–based Carbon Capture Plan.