How we operate

How we operate

Access time on facilities

Access time on individual facilities is scheduled and coordinated by PACT. Please contact us to discuss your needs and the availability of facilities.

Operating the facilities

All PACT facilities can only be operated by or under strict supervision of designated PACT operators (unless otherwise agreed). However users from both industry and academia are welcome and encouraged to be involved in /observe operational runs.

Visitor access and office space

Industrial and academic visitors are welcome to work at the facilities during operational runs.

The PACT Core facilities have working offices which operate a hot desk policy shared with staff of the facility operators and potentially other users in case of parallel experiments. The offices are open plan and there are two meeting rooms which can be booked on request. Other shared facilities include kitchenette, shower and washrooms. There is also a designated small visitor’s office which can be allocated if users require privacy and confidentiality.

PACT offices in Sheffield are also available for users when accessing the facilities. These also operate an open plan shared access office as well as a designed visitor’s office, if required. A large meeting room (20+) is also available for booking and there are additional smaller meeting rooms (up to 12) available on the ground floor of office building which can be hired at own expense from the buildings reception.  

Confidentiality and privacy

Due to often confidential nature of experimental work being conducted at the facilities, PACT operates a strict confidentiality policy which visitors must observe and might be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Data from experiments is stored on a remote secure server. Written records are coded and securely locked with coded access to keys. Paper copies are locked in the PACT office.

Remote access

Remote access to observe running experiments or view archived dated in a given user area on the remote server can be granted to external users through an area specific, password protected area on university server.